we’ve seen and done a few things in our time together, and there are some real gems we want everyone to know about.  below is a list of some of our favorite small businesses and the good things they’re doing.  check ’em out homies!


-Pikes Peak Brewing Company: located in monument and home to great craft beer and tasty beer+cheese soup.  nom.

-Cafe Velo: bikes+coffee+a view of Pikes Peak, divine.

-Mike Lyon: he did our wedding photos and he continues to create greatness like cray, check it: mikelyonphotography.net

-Luigi’s: Colorado Springs, CO… home to family recipes and the best italian in the Springs

-Boulder Bookstore: because I could have spent ages here in college and its one of the best bookstores of all time.

-Boulder Baked: cookies+cupcakes=nom nom nom

-Mountain Toad Brewing: located in Golden, CO and home to tasty bevs, rotating food trucks and its real close to the creek.  hellooooo summertime fun.


-Atticus:  Because if you like To Kill a Mockingbird at all clearly you should visit this store/coffee shop in Spokane

-Zipp’s: The one in Cheney is the best.

-The Mason Jar: Cheney, WA.  All kinds of tasty treats and it’s just so cute too.  just visit it.

North Dakota

Souris River Brewing Co.: Some pretty tasty craft beers if we do say so ourselves.

Sweet&Flour: Such a sweet Patisserie, browned butter caramel donuts? NOM.

The Starving Rooster: It’s a beautiful sight to behold and the pizza is DELISH. Go and feast.



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