fancy free friday


I’m going to make it a new thing to share with you all the little gems I stumbled across on the internet on Friday, straight from the cutting room floor kinda style. That way we can have intellectual conversations about new hair tutorials, the art of relaxing, how we can learn to wait better, etc. and all the other good info some cool cats put out during the week. Because these things are worth talking about, people. So without futher adieu:

Exhaustion is not a status symbol: I got this in my INFLUENCE NETWORK care package this week and I’ve literally been thinking about it all week long. “We don’t know who we are without productivity as a metric of our worth. We don’t know what we enjoy, and we lose track of how tired we are.” Yikes. Preach it, Brene Brown. This woman knows what she’s talking about it. This article made me say “Hey, let’s completely unplug during our vacation in two weeks.” I’m sure there will be a follow-up post on how that all goes, so be on the lookout. And I’m sure I’ll be adding her book Daring Greatly to the list of “must read.”

Abby wrote a poignant piece On Waiting over at Of Larks this week that resonated with me so. much. Sometimes I need the reminder of what waiting looks like, and Abby’s reflection on Abraham and Sarah did just that. Three months of waiting doesn’t look quite the same when you think about twenty five years. And while I don’t believe Abby is using time as a comparison stick, it makes me wrestle with what patience looks like (truly) and how I am ultimately trusting in God’s sovereign timing, believing He will also fulfill His promises to me…. I think I can wait another week or two.

This hair tutorial was literally so educational for me, particularly at the end, because who would’ve thunk to lift upwards towards the sky??? Thank-you Kate for making all our hair more beautiful.

I’ve been slowly working my way through the She Reads Truth Proverbs study and man-o-man it is so gosh darn good. If you’re in a bit of a slump of new study material can I personally recommend this to you? Because it’s real good, folks.


This weekend I’m looking forward to the potential of warm weather (LIKE IN THE 80s!!), maybe playin’ some tennis with my fun hubby, fighting off the ticks that have officially COME ALIVE (is anyone else as disturbed by ticks like I am? Because I’m genuinely terrified), and finalizing our Great American Road-Trip stops. We’re all about celebrating those National Parks!

Enjoy your weekend, party people. See ya on Monday!!




One thought on “fancy free friday

  1. Good stuff Lindsay Martin, good stuff. You always manage to make the thoughtful, even difficult things sound like a fun challenge. I like/need that! Happy adventure planning

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