What Summer Has Taught Me


It’s been pretty quiet around these parts recently, I’ll be the first to admit it. But gosh, my mind has been stirring with ideas and thoughts and little bits that I just want to remember, chew on and come back to again and again.  The summer season is always a breath of life into my soul, this year especially.  It’s in these months of quiet reflection where the world comes alive again–and teaches me new things too.  Here are a few of the things I’ve learned this summer, and want to continue to know more.

  1. The summer months are meant for messy houses. Maybe this is me waving my get-out-of-jail-free card post vacation unpacking, but I think its more a realization that I want to be outside and be in the water, breathing the fresh air more than I want to be cleaning the dishes, sorting all the papers and making sure everything is perfect. That’s what winter and being inside is for. Summer is for embracing the messy, the coolers that aren’t yet put away, the sandals that are scattered everywhere and the chance to run around the neighborhood until the sun goes down. Can we call this a purposeful mess? Because I think that’s what it is.
  2. Glacier National Park is the Disneyworld of the outdoors. Seriously.  People. Have you been? Because if you haven’t you need to go, and let your eyes be in awe of the creation around you.  Gosh, there will just always be a part of my heart that yearns for the mountains– the cool breeze in the evening, the fresh scent of pine, seeing the millions of stars glittering above me… there is just so much life to be found and fuel for the soul. Can we go back now?
  3. Year two of marriage is so good. Now that we’ve officially crossed the threshold of “working on year three”, I can look back with clear eyes and see the sovereignty of the Lord amidst hardship and also see all the good. Sometimes we think we never want the person we married to change, but lately I’ve been praising God for change, for knowing the heart of the man I married now more than ever.   Goodness, it may be sanctifying but it is so rich.
  4. Friday Night Lights and #texasforever. I don’t even think this one needs an explanation. And I might have teared up a bit at the end of it all, because WHATTHEWHAT. Why couldn’t there have been a season six to just drag it on. For real. Netflix is just the bees knees and simultaneously the worst ever, can we all just agree on that?
  5. I desire to be more confident in Christ. I think I hear the word confidence and more often cringe a little inside as I misconstrue it into arrogance or a self-centered pride. I suppose if I am confident in myself it can so often be/is? maybe? all those things.  But what does it look like to be confident in Christ, in the Lord who is working in and through me? How might I boldly approach the throne and all that He has laid before me knowing my trust is not in myself (because I’ll continue to fail over and over) but rather deeply rooted in the Lord.  Big thoughts that I still just can’t even. But I think the Lord is doing something here. So we’ll come back to this later.
  6. Abigail and Hannah are two really cool cats. I know you’re like “who the heck are you talking about” but I mean like the biblical Hannah and Abigail.  The Abigail in 1 Samuel 25:2-44 who talked David down from his rampage, who spoke with confidence that she clearly only could have had from the Lord. And Hannah (from 1 Samuel 1), Samuel’s mom– her heart is just so beautiful before the Lord and I just want desperately to learn from her worship filled life.  These women seriously glorified the Lord with their lives and I think there is so much to be gleaned from them.
  7. Get outside more. Is there a better way to clear the mind and fill the heart? I don’t think so.

We could continue this but I think I’m just going to end it now before this turns into a real novella. I’m so thankful for summer and time to process.  And I’m thankful that there is still August “the Sunday of summer” as Ellen would say. Enjoy the last hurrah before fall, and also, please share with me: What has summer been teaching you?


One thought on “What Summer Has Taught Me

  1. I love your posts! Honest, positive, joyful, vulnerable, all there. And I find myself challenged to be better and dig deeper in my walk with Jesus. Bless you girl!

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