The Year of Purpose.

So it’s not January 1st and it’s already the second week of the year, but it’s really the first week of getting back at it.  And I think resolutions are bright and shiny week one, but generally lose some of their luster week two, three and you know how it goes.  But when Reese and I were sitting at a coffee shop while away for the holidays, reflecting on the year and working on making some goals for the upcoming year (because I like the word goal more than resolution, don’t ask me why) the pulse of my heart kept screaming purpose and intentionality, in a way I’m praying will push me through January, February and every month to come.

When I think about time, about how much of a gift it truly is I tend to have that thought where I ask myself “what have I been doing this whole time?”  The answer could easily be re-watching Gilmore Girls on Netfilx, or cleaning our house as usual, prepping more for work, reading the latest Real Simple, more laundry or tackling my list of to-dos.  I don’t think any of those things are inherently bad, but that’s not the answer I always want to give.  I want to take free moments captive and use them.  Use them to grow in knowing God more deeply, read more books that challenge me, spend more intentional time with my husband, make more phone calls to friends,  seek to do things with my whole heart and do them well.  I want to live my life with deep purpose and intentionality.

I so badly want to live fully present, today, not thinking and analyzing all that is to come.  I want Jeremiah 29:1-11 to ring in my ears constantly, to build my house and plant my garden and care for the welfare of my city, trusting all the more the Lord has a plan for my life and in it I can find restful hope.  And I also want to extend more grace to myself than ever before, because God has steadfastly lavished me with love and new mercies every morning, and I think it’s about time I really start accepting His great mercies with open hands and a renewed heart.  I also want this for each of you who stop in to read this, because imagine the beauty we could create and the love we could share if we chose to be intentional and purposeful and grace-filled with our lives.

My hope is that this year, this space would continue to grow in purpose and intentionality, in sharing truth, encouragement and straight up real-life with you all.  So that also means telling you I hope 2k15 turns into the year when I learn to sew the heck out of life… Shout out of thanks to Mom and Dad for making all my sewing machine dreams come true and making the cold North Dakota winters not seem so dreary (I’m also accepting all beginner sewing tips too, so share away, will ya??).  I don’t intend to bore you with the list of all the things we hope to grow in this year, but I will say I sure do pray when Reese and I reflect on 2015 come December we can truly see the work of God and the ways He grew us this year, and hopefully see the sweet fruit ofintentional living.

So with that, Happy Tuesday, friends, may your week continue to be merry and bright.


p.s. I’d love to hear your goals for the year, because I 100% agree with the whole “if you tell someone else, you’re more likely to do it” thing.  Consider this your space to share, too.



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